My friend Annie is farm smart. Unlike the majority of my group of friends, Annie did not grow up in the city, or the suburbs, or even a small-ish town. Annie grew up on a farm. With cows, and barn cats, the whole enchilada. We recently got into a wine-induced discussion about being city-smart vs farm-smart. For instance, I don’t know the first thing about Hay Baling or the difference between a Holstein and a Jersey. Annie doesn’t know the rule about white and Labour Day, and she hates any drink that is espresso-based.

Annie has been trying to get me to go to Riverdale Farm for ages. It’s literally a short walk from my house, but for one reason or another our farm dates have always been put off.

I didn’t know what I was missing. Until now.

 I was going for a walk with another girlfriend when we stumbled upon the farm. So if you want to follow my route, grab a coffee at Jet Fuel, start strolling into the heart of Cabbagetown, and try not to freak out when you see cows.

You guys, Riverdale Farm (201 Winchester St.) is this amazing little oasis in the heart of our city. There are horses and cows and goats, and it’s kind of magical. I am such a city girl, but there is something invigorating about forgetting where you are and checking in with nature.  I’ve been a few times now and with every visit a different animal wins me over. On my first visit it was the goats, running around and ramming into trees. More recently I fell in love with the cutest little lambs, so small and full of spunk.  Last week I went to get some much needed me-time, and had a blast listening to my favorite summer jams while hanging out with piglets and horses and sitting near trees. Then on my way home, I got a free sample can of diet beer from a street team. Summer in this city rocks, and now cute little baby animals are a part of that.

The farm is open to the general public every day from 9-5. It’s a brilliant place to bring kids or a friend for a super fun outing. Across the street there is a little outdoor café, Park Snacks, which serves food and ice cream, cash only.

Annie, I’m sorry we haven’t made it to the farm yet.  We will soon, I promise. And then I’m bringing you to the Christian Louboutin exhibit and we’re having cocktails and cappuccinos. I’ll make a city slicker of you yet.

Also, if you love the farm as much as we do, please help make sure they stay in business!