The National Ballet of Canada is launching new classes for adults and teens this fall

I took classes at The National Ballet School when I was in university, and it was so fun! I’ve danced my whole life, and it was so nice to continue my craft at a place that puts such a high emphasis on education, nurture, and above all, passion.

I’m pretty jealous I won’t be in Toronto to try these classes with the new In Studio program, because they sound really great. In Studio will start up in September 2013; dance and fitness classes will take place at The National Ballet’s studio (470 Queens Quay W.)—as opposed to the School, which is where I went—making it a super cool experience for people who love The National and its dancers.

Classes will be offered for both adults and teens, and will include ballet, jazz, contemporary, and DanceFit. In Studio’s director will be Kate Kernaghan, a graduate of The National Ballet School’s Teacher Training Program. Class instructors will include National Ballet principal dancer Aleksandar Antonijevic and first soloist Jonathan Renna, as well as The National Ballet School’s Tatiana Tchernova and contemporary dancer/choreogrpaher Louis Laberge-Côté. Stacked lineup!

You can book classes starting in August—and I suggest you do, because I have a feeling these classes won’t stay empty for long. There are four terms to choose from, and aside from weekly classes, there will also be the option to drop-in (more info here).

Dance your heart out! Dance like no one’s watching! Dance it like you feel it! You’ve got canned heat in your heels tonight, baby!

We’re so excited about this that we wrote about it on SDTC Teen, too! Read that here. Photos by Aleksandar Antonijevic.


  1. Olga Barsky
    June 4, 2013

    OMG!! I WANT!

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