At 10pm on a Thursday at Bloor & Lansdowne, me and a pal were making our way to a huge loft, with Batman-style sky high strobe lights circling the air and leading our way. Ubisoft‘s annual party took over a gigantic space above their office yet again, and this year the celebration was dubbed “Capture in TO,” where we were invited to come and celebrate the future of storytelling.

It was geek meets chic in the best way possible. Ubisoft, the company behind lots of video games people can’t put down, has just opened a new motion-capture studio where lots of exciting state-of-the-art tech shenanigans go on.

From pork steamed buns to watermelon feta salad, the loft was lined with food vendors representing different ethnic cuisine from all over Toronto. YUM! I snacked away while dancing to an action-packed set of hits from star DJs 4 Korners. The crowd couldn’t help but boogie down hard and there was many a conga line to grab hold of and snake your way around the dance floor.

In one corner, a gigantic green screen setup was part of a super cool futuristic photo booth, where after posing like the Matrix, or Beyoncé, or whatever, you would be photoshopped into a futuristic board room meeting type of scene. Your memory of the party would be captured in another dimension, and it was certainly frameworthy.

~ Becca Lemire

Photos by Becca Lemire (Click to Enlarge)