Whether your New Year’s resolutions include trying out something new, being more outgoing or overcoming your fear of public speaking, The Second City Training Centre Toronto has your back!

Beginning January 2, Term 1 at Second City is offering numerous courses and drop-in programs to make the new year more funny for all.

Term 1 will include a Drop-In Improv class for adults every Monday from 6:30-8:30pm (and one for teens every Tuesday from 4:30-6pm). These weekly classes are a simple way to try improv for the first time in an easygoing space, or sneak in some extra practice working that funny bone.

Want to conquer your fear of speaking in public? The Second City Training Centre also helps develop speaking skills on a professional and personal level with the Public Speaking course. The classes include several opportunities to practice and refine, in addition to one-on-one coaching.

Second City even also offers Improv for Anxiety, so if you’re normally too nervous to try something new, why not take an innovative class of ensemble-based improv specifically geared to people with social anxiety disorder? In a safe and nurturing environment, instructors lead improv exercises that are specially chosen to address key triggers for social anxiety.

Click here to register for The Second City Training Centre courses and make your New Year’s resolutions count.