Do your vacation plans include crisping on the beach while inhaling a steady stream of margaritas? You may be in the minority.

A recent global survey of young travellers and their travel habits uncovered some interesting findings about what we’re into – and how Gen Y (born between 1980 and 1995) and Gen Z (post-millenials, born after 1995) differ in our preferences. Whether it’s travelling to learn, to find love or to party, we’re not all as predictable as one might think.

Here are some highlights from the survey findings:

  • Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is the #1 travel experience for millennials in 2017. You’d think as winter-wary Canadians, we would choose something, err, sunnier and hotter. Nope, overwhelmingly, Iceland beat out all other experiences for Canadians.
  • The days of wine and roses are numbered. Both Gen Z and Gen Y expressed negative feelings towards smoking, getting drunk and tanning beds. More young Canadians are choosing healthier lifestyles compared to their counterparts in Australia, the UK and the US.
  • When it comes to “gap year travel,” almost a quarter of Gen Zs would rather travel after finishing high school than go straight to post secondary education, compared to a fifth of Gen Y who claimed the same.
  • While people tend to lump Gen Y and Z in the same “millennial” box, both groups differ when it comes to regional travel tastes, in particular with travelling to Japan, central Europe and Russia. Example: more Gen Zs would like to visit Central Europe compared to Gen Y.
  • When asked whether they thought “Tinder was old,” 10% of Gen Z agreed whereas only 5% of Gen Y concurred. If Gen Z isn’t on Tinder, perhaps we’re seeing a resurgence of the old-fashioned face-to-face dating? Or is Snapchat the new Tinder?
  • In another surprising turn, 29% of Canadian Gen Z respondents said that they don’t remember a time before Facebook/Instagram whereas only 9% of Gen Y admitted this. Talk about feeling old just because you remember what dial-up sounded like back in the day…

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