The inside of a Fashion Week tent can seem like a swirling vortex of impenetrable-doom-face. You know exactly what that looks like. Sometimes it feels like everyone has put on their best disappointed-mom look, and they are completely unwilling to joke around. For example, I told some random girl I was from V Magazine, and then I told her I was lying,”You were probably thinking that I don’t belong at V Magazine.” And then she just uncomfortably turned away and said “To each their own,” as if she had never heard someone make false claims as a really not-funny joke before. I’m not really into people who can’t find humour in a Less Than Zero-kind of world. People who refuse to grimace or laugh really worry me.So, I took care of that in the only way I knew how. Along with Becca Lemire, we found some truly fashionable people and got them out of their comfort zone. I was even mock-arrested by a handsome security guard. That’s just how we roll here. Did we engage in semi-sexual role play at Toronto Fashion Week? Check out part two of Nothing Comes Between Me and My Kevins below!
Kevin is always willing to lend a helping hand, be it to help an old lady across a busy street, or steam someone’s clothes while they are wearing them. Post City’s Karolynne Ellacott was a really good sport.
What is better than a selfie on a bejeweled Hello Kitty mobile phone?
Callianne and Samantha Beckerman proving that facial hair is super on-trend right now.
 Baby did a bad bad thing, and got his bad bad self arrested.
Street Style.
Trend: Bags are very popular for carrying items you may need throughout the day. 
 Fur sandwich, featuring Amy Burstyn-Fritz in a vibrant Kaelen mohair coat with a pink tubular fur wrap.
A modest proposal. As modest as one can get when proposing to the beautiful April Wozny backstage. My dowry to her was several bottles of pilfered Essie nail polish. AND SHE SAID YES.
This guy. Hawley Dunbar and Kevin spot a cool-as-a-cucumber Joe Mimran before his show debuted at Toronto Fashion Week.
 This is just called being fierce. Read a book about it.
My Neighbour Totoro, with Globe editor Carley Fortune.
Meg Sethi parties on while Kevin gets a little manicure from Natalie Deane. Colour choice: radiant orchid, because it is a very popular colour as dictated by a colour forecasting company.
Kevin gives photographer Jenna Marie Wakani a lift to the pit. Photographers are some of the hardest working people at Fashion Week, and this is just a really friendly service that Kevin likes to provide for free.
Emma Yardley dispenses the champagne.
Just a really stealthy mission to steal sparkling wine from the fridge.
 Screw your double kisses. Kevin likes it on the mouth.
Kevin will never forget the time that Morad Reif Affifi thwarted his attempt at a fashionable three-way.

Digging for a little nose gold at Toronto Fashion Week.

Fashion candy.