Did you know that Toronto has been ranked the best city in the world for young people? Now, the NXT City Prize is looking for young people (under 35 year olds, we’re lookin’ at you!) to re-imagine what’s possible for our city’s public spaces.

They will be giving special consideration to project ideas that fall under the following themes:

Transit: Toronto is growing – how can we improve how we move around?
Accessibility: Inclusive design is responsible design – how can we create better spaces for all?
Quick-n-Cheap: Often the simplest idea has the greatest impact – think low-budget, low-fi ideas!
Technology: Have a great idea for a mobile app or digital intervention? Bring it!
Programming: How can we bring spaces to life through events, services or programs?

They’re looking for “visionary, mind-blowing, awe-inspiring, precedent-setting, media-worthy, radical, city-shifting, wish-I-had-thought-of-this ideas for public spaces…projects that help us move, interact, work, commute, eat, relax, wayfind, play, exercise or gather.” Recipients can win up to $5000. So get brainstorming – deadline for applications is October 15. Apply here.