by Haley Cullingham
From November 19-22, more than 1000 tiny mysteries will line the walls of the OCAD auditorium as OCAD and ORANGINA present the WHODUNIT? Mystery Art Sale. Each unique piece of art is the exact same size, and the exact same price. The twist? Buyers won’t know who created their original artwork until they buy the piece and turn it over-revealing art created by anyone from celebrated artists like Charles Pachter, Sarah Nind and Natalka Husar to celebrities like Margaret Atwood and Will Alsop.

The diversity of the pieces, which range from beautifully simplistic to intriguingly complex, make this show as much fun for those who come to watch as those who come to buy. Some favourites include an Andy Warhol portrait (complete with plastic bananas), and a delicate drawing of a lined-paper origami bird.

In it’s quest to support young artists, Orangina revealed another mystery on November 19th: OCAD student Erica Chia was named the first-ever Canadian Orangina Artist, for her work ‘Orange meets Gina’. Chosen from a selection of Orangina-inspired works submitted by OCAD students, 150 prints of her design will be available nationally.

Public Viewing: Nov 19-21
Mystery Art Sale: Nov 22
Preview Gala, Silent Auction, Live Auction: Nov 20

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