Exploring OCAD’s annual GradEx show is always something we look forward to, and this year’s virtual event will feature work by more than 500 emerging artists! Browse for inspiration, discover talent (hire recent grads!), or find a piece that speaks to you and purchase it for your home.

JUBILEE, Jasmin-Nicole Amoako

While we miss the physical experience of slowly wandering the building, which always provided excellent people watching (GradEx typically pulls in 45,000 guests), we’re excited to dive into the different platforms organized for this year’s show. Head to the online exhibition at OCADU.ca/GradEx and start your search, watch videos on OCAD U LiVE, the University’s 24/7 video channel, or go for a walk to get some fresh air and check out the outdoor public activations/projections.

As of 5PM on May 3rd, you can head to the Marketplace to buy art. We love that art prices starts from $50. Yes, we’re excited for this one.