Kyle Turner, co-owner of Of a Kind on College at Havelock (1037 College St), and his dog Raiden, run a pretty friendly business.  There’s nothing like a store with a good edit; Of a Kind’s got style in spades.  Mannequins clad in exquisite clothes (with friendly price tags!) share window space with vintage hair dryers, shoes and books keep each other company.  “We’re bringing back books,” says Kyle.  “Two dollar books!”  Must return for the French flash cards for Haley when my pocket gets a little more colourful.

The store also throws super duper jams.  A couple weekends ago, the store showcased Heather Smith’s photographs of tasty treats in teacups, accompanied by custom-made tea cocktails!  This weekend for Record Store Day, they’ve got a full thirteen hours of live tunes, starting at 10 am with Joelle Westman, and including Alberta Darling (who Kyle tells me do bluegrass from traditional to Wagon Wheel to Hey Ya!), and finishing up with Memorecks.  There’ll be deals, beers, and guaranteed fun according to Facebook so see if there’s room in your itinerary.

If you love vinyl, you’re in for a treat with turntables and headphones a-plenty, a hip range of artists and plenty of local stock.  Zine lovers and makers will also find a happy home wedged between the record racks, and even a cursory scan will have the magpie in you all abuzz.

Next time you need a reasonably priced something beautiful, a sweet jam, a good tune, a fun browse, or maybe you just want to pet a sweet-tempered shiba inu, head into Of a Kind.  You’ll be delighted.

Here are Kyle’s answers to the usual barrage of hodge-podge questions.

How do you take your eggs?  Over easy.

Where’s your best brunch?  Right now, at the Dépanneur

What’s your favourite rainy day activity?  Puddle jumping!

Favourite season?  Fall.  I don’t have favourite seasons, I have favourite financial quarters, so the third.

Best vacation ever?  Backpacking Europe (London-Milan-Rome-Brussels-Zurich-Berlin-Amsterdam-Calais 

What’s your favourite thing about being young and alive in 2012? The cheese.

Favourite cheese? Gruyère

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~Annie Webber