OLD SCHOOL: Scott Ellis at the DeLeon White Gallery

We live in a time of hybrids: cultural, nutritional, vehicle. To understand the scope of modern culture and current events is to be your own renaissance woman-piecing together an overwhelming puzzle to create a picture of the world that makes sense. On January 23rd, see Scott Ellis bring together the scope of the modern world in his passionate, overwhelming and complex collages. Showing at the DeLeon White Gallery (1139 College St), Ellis is a Toronto artist whose works of collage draw on themes from modern times, bringing together the maelstrom of media, information, and reality that shapes our world and distilling it to a work of art. Ellis’ works will be on display through March 1st.

OLD SCHOOL: Analogue cut & paste collages by Scott Ellis
Opening Night: 7-9pm

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  1. Ryan Decosta
    May 14, 2009

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    Ryan Decosta

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