First dates can be tough. With all the city’s crazy great food/entertainment options it’s just like, okay, though, which one??? Since you don’t know the person that well yet it’s hard to cater to their interests, but you want something that’s gonna please both of you. Don’t worry, sweet readers, there is help.

We outsourced your problem by asking the funny, city-savvy ladies of One Night Stand for first date sweet spots. Each month this all-female improv troupe takes one lucky male improviser on a series of dates, then builds a show around his real-life first date chatter. But where do they go when they want to woo a lovely lady or gentleman offstage? These places:

The Dumpling House
“Delicious. Cheap. Easy to hear each other (seriously loud bars make me crazy!) and if it goes well you can wander through Kensington Market for dessert.” — Leigh

Sunset + Box Wine
“I love going to places like the waterfront as the sun is going down with a sneaky box of wine, and getting tipsy enough to have a flirty little makeout. I’m a cheap first date, but that’s because I cost way more in time and energy later.” — Allana

First Thursdays at the AGO
“If your timing is right, hit up First Thursdays for some great art, music and food. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with record shopping at Sonic Boom followed by dinner at DaiLo.” — Claire

Snakes and Lagers 
“Good beer, great atmosphere and it’s way more fun than yelling over each other in some shitty bar. Plus you can play Boss Monster, that game is awesome.” — Leigh

The Revue Cinema
“The Revue is in my favourite neighbourhood in the city. Seriously you take me to Roncesvalle and you can’t lose. So much amazing food (sidebar: go to Barque for Sundayfamily dinner. Unreal) and it’s great to just wander around. Anyway, the Revue has silent movies every now and then with live musical accompaniment. It’s great for a good old fashioned cuddle.” — Hayley

The Annex Billiards Club
“For some pool. The hospital lights and the cheap table rates are best place to show your sporty skills without seeming pretentious.” — Flick

“Ping pong for everyone! Plus once a month they have art exhibits and you can drink great drinks, play slick ping pong, and admire killer paintings by Jeff Blackburn.” — Leigh

Electric Mud
“You can tell a lot about a person by the way he/she eats BBQ.” — Gil B

Victory Cafe
“Because beer. If the date goes well you can get drunk and eat macaroni and cheese and if it doesn’t go well you can get drunk and eat macaroni and cheese. Win win.” — Leigh

One Night Stand are: Aimée Ambroziak, Gil Anderson, Gillian Bartolucci, Leigh Cameron,  Claire Farmer, Kristie Gunter, Hayley Kellett, Felicity Penman, and Allana Reoch. Their next show is this Sunday, October 19th, at 8pm at Bad Dog Theatre as part of the Big City Improv Fest. Their date for the evening will be Tim Baltz.