Alright folks.  If you’ve lived in Toronto any longer than ten seconds, you know what the oneofakindshow is.  In fact, you may even be telling your computer monitor about that time you helped your artsy friend with their booth, or listing the items you’ve picked up over the years that have had your friends poking their own eyes out for missing such sweet finds.  We are all impressed. 

So rather than natter at you about the aisles and aisles (and aisles and aisles) of marvelous clothing, accessories, art, food, toys, gadgets, lotions, potions, butterbeer, Firebolt broomsticks – oh, no, oops, that’s Diagon Alley – I give you something of a guiding light for your journey into the depths of the Direct Energy Centre.  Wands at the ready. 

H-08Lesley-Anne Green
These little handmade animals will charm your pants off.  Be forewarned.  Think Fantastic Mister Fox multiplied by Beatrix Potter.  Sigh.

C-07 – Studio Robert Wu
If you haven’t scoped out marbling, you’re in for an artistic awakening.  Stop by this booth to see how the process works to create an individual, and fantastic, print every time.

E-29 – Shuyu Lu
What a treat.  Embroidery hoops will take flight from grandma’s rocker to yuppie wallspaces the world over.  Toronto city scenes have been screened onto a background fabric, with embroidered colour accents in the foreground.  Triple sigh.

C-50 – Saigon Soul Food
Said to be the best spring rolls on the planet (according to the brochure), they’re at least contenders.  Mmmm.

The name escapes me as no business cards were to be had, but if you’re an intrepid oneofakind adventurer, or a woman with at least one brain cell, you’d be wise to check out these heaven-sent sweater creations.  They wrap around your middle like a soft, thick, cottony hug and they make you look like ten billion bucks.  Plus the hood is enormous.  Go.  Buy.  One. 

C-34 – Sabores Latinos
Salsa, black bean dip, guacamole, mango salsa.  If you need more persuasion, your taste buds are due for a check-up. 

H-04 – Jenna Rose
Fabric prints of tree forts, bicycle anatomy, Carolinian forests, and the feathers belonging birds native to said forests – a whole lot of extremely pleasant whimsy with a strong streak of actual factual information.  Cutesy with a brain.  YES!

K-40 – Comme ça
Leather and felt laptop cases with sensible metal clasps – almost as snappy to look at as your mac itself!  You’ll be wearing adult braces and flipping through catalogues with your soulmate faster than you can say weimaraner

J-49 – froosh
The yummiest, fruitiest and sweetest stuff you can smear all over your mitts.  The manicure scrub trial had my hands positively glowing for… well… until right now as I’m typing this at least!  Plus, ask about the private parties these gals throw – very neat. 

~ Annie Webber