Last Friday evening at 7:45 I did something before my regular night out on the town that kicked things off with a glowstick and left me feeling buzzed- and it was all natural, baby! I experienced Yoga Rave, taught by Iam Yoga’s Linda Malone and Misfit Studio’s Amber Joliat, part of the itinerary of The ROM’s Friday Night Live series. The series brings a stellar lineup of eclectic talent and local food delights to a museum. From violins to frites, the entertainment changes every week, and there are only 2 WEEKS LEFT, so check it out before it zips away! And if you’re a die hard adventurous yogi, demand they do this again because it was AWESOME!

The Yoga Rave was in a huge empty gallery space, lit up with bold turquoise lighting and neon multicoloured strobes, with DJ Simon Jain playing beats that changed depending on the pace of the moves. We started with the teacher’s introductions and a brief moment to pause and set your own personal intention and gratitude before the class, a common yoga practice. Then we dove into vinyasas, followed by spontaneous dance-your-pants-off breaks after each sequence, and finishing off with stretches, meditation and more dancing, all led by bundle of yoga enthusiasm Amber. Yes, not typical for a yoga class, but we’re in a museum for crying out loud and it’s Friday and there are neon strobe lights and it sure did make me feel rejuvenated. And the glowsticks and neon apparel on the teachers & attendees that glowed in the blacklight ambiance totally launched this into next-level yoga times. Here’s some pics ElectriCITY posted.

Only 2 more Friday Night Live events at The ROM, so gather your $9 and don’t wait! It’s become a popular destination, and for good reason, so to avoid lineups try and arrive as early as you can or save time and buy your tickets online.

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~ Becca Lemire