ONTogether Resiliency Posters help raise money for charities across Ontario

ONTogether is not-for-profit organization that assembled quickly to help respond to the needs of Ontarians during the COVID-19 pandemic. Partnering with local artists, they’ve created a series of Resiliency Posters that can be purchased for $100, with 100% of the proceeds directed to grassroots mental health organizations that are in immediate need of financial support, as well as charities that support families and healthcare workers.

“Increasingly the psychological toll of the COVID-19 virus is becoming apparent”, said Jean-Marc MacKenzie founder of the not-for-profit ONTogether.  “At this critical point, we believe a campaign that reminds us we are resilient and strong will support our preparation for recovery.”

The limited edition posters are rooted in the things that make Canada unique and spread the message of hope and community in times of need. The charities that will be supported with the first sales of the posters include, Second Harvest, First Responders, Distress and Crisis Ontario, and Yorktown Family Services.  Six other charities will be selected with the release of six additional posters.

“Our world has shifted dramatically over the last few weeks causing stress and anxiety for children, youth, young adults, families, and women living with abuse,” said Suzette Arruda-Santos, Executive Director of Development and Communications of Yorktown Family Services which supports women, children, and youth in need. “Yorktown has been providing mental health services to Toronto’s communities for over 25 years and we must rapidly adapt to the increase in demand for services. The help from Ontarians coming together to support us shows how united and strong we are as citizens.”

To buy a limited edition print or simply make a donation to one of the partner charities supported by ONTogether, visit ONTogether.org

Instagram: @ONTogetherOrg

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