Photos by George Pimentel courtesy of WireImage

 Usually the first show that opens the last day of LG Fashion Week is rarely packed but at OR by Angela Chen, I am greeted by a line-up extending outside the Studio room with ladies musing about the young designer.  “It takes her up to 48 hours to knit one item,” Says one well heeled lady while another adds that both Chloe Sevigny and Emily Haines have worn OR.

Opening the show with the song “Daniel” by Bat for Lashes, these sexy knits are worlds away from Grandma’s church bazar. And Chen’s knits aren’t reserved for sweaters and scarves, but evolved into dresses and skirts. The off-the-shoulder loose sweaters could easily be hung low for Saturday nights and then layered up for cozy Sunday brunch. 

Chen’s collection is fashion with function woven with impeccable craftsmanship.  For the last day of LG Fashion Week, OR was the highlight wrap-up.  

~ Ivana Markotic