It’s a Saturday night (err, Sunday morning) and your tummy is grumbling after a night of fleeting around the city in the name of drinking and dancing. YOU WANT FOOD. You don’t, however, want food that falls into the categories of a) fast food chain, b) a meal of thrown-together, near-expired ingredients from your fridge, or c) expensive. Here’s our picks for late-night snacking in Toronto that are neither of these but most definitely delicious! 

416 Snack Bar (181 Bathurst St.)
Open for a mere three months, 416 Snack Bar has quickly become a late night hot spot thanks to their quirky (and delicious) lineup of finger foods — from well-known fare like pizza pockets ($4) to the more obscure “fried thing”  ($3). Other menu highlights include the crispy tofu handroll ($4), corn dogs ($3) and the popular pork belly bun ($5). The bar also offers communal tables ideal for sharing, intimate conversation-inducing lighting and plenty of antique eye candy decor. Open 5 pm-2 am, Monday to Saturday.  

Sneaky Dee’s (431 College St.)
If you have yet to try Sneaky Dee’s nachos, you haven’t lived. Seriously. You also haven’t seen a plate of nachos bigger than these, so make sure you’ve got plenty of friends to help you out when you do. Besides the nachos (which cost around $13, depending on what toppings you choose), there’s all day breakfast options like two eggs with bacon/ham/sausage, home fries and toast for $6.75, huevos rancheros ($8.50) and vegetarian options like the veggie eater Mexican sandwich ($7.75). Open 11-3 am Monday and Tuesday, 11-4 am Wednesday and Thursday, 11-4:30 am Friday, 9-4:30 am Saturday and 9-3 am Sunday.  

Shanghai Cowgirl (538 Queen St. W.)
Sister joint to Bovine Sex Club, Shanghai Cowgirl stays true to its name by offering an eclectic menu to satisfy all cravings. There’s perogies served with everything from spinach and tomato ($9.95) to garlic, chili, ginger, onions and BBQ pork ($11.85), shanghai noodles ($9.45 and up), hearty bowls of chili ($8.95) and the comforting “Things Mom Used to Make” category featuring dishes like ghetto chicken ($12.25). Other perks include a spacious patio and rock n’ roll tunes. Open 10:30 am-midnight Sunday and Monday, 10:30-1 am Tuesday to Thursday and 10:30-4 am Friday and Saturday. 

Reggie’s Old Fashioned Sandwiches (571 King St. W.)
If there’s one thing I learned on Jersey Shore this season, it’s that nothing beats a sandwich after a heavy night of fist pumping. Sure, you could go home and make yourself a plain old grilled cheese like the Shore folks do, but doesn’t duck confit with sweet cherry tomato, julienne apple and brie ($7.96) sound far more appetizing? Other sandwich options include marinated roast vegetable with zucchini, pepper, eggplant, provolone and sun dried tomato pesto ($6.86), home made corned beef with swiss cheese, pickles and mustard mayo ($7.74), and a grilled cheese far better than any you could make yourself, made with two-year-old cheddar ($5.53). Open until 5 am, Monday to Sunday. 

The Lakeview (1132 Dundas St. W.)
Weekends at this popular 24-hour diner means inevitable lineups, whether you’re hustling in for mid-day brunch or after last call grub, so be sure to bring a newspaper or a chatty friend to keep you company. Fortunately, food comes quick here and the late-night menu offers everything from quick bites to hearty meals. Notables include sweet potato fries served with sweet ancho chili garlic mayo ($4.75), the Clubhouse Stack ($11) and the Poutine Lakeview topped with crumbled feta, peameal bacon, garlic onion crunch, wild mushroom sauce and house gravy ($9.50). They also do a mean float or milkshake. Open 24 hours, seven days a week. 

~ Caitlyn Holroyd
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