I have partied more than any one woman ever should. Starting to look a little too much like Nick Nolte and feeling like a used dish cloth, here’s a look at the most exciting moments and festival discoveries at TIFF ’09:

1. Drew Barrymore ditches Whip It after-party and heads for Sweaty Betty’s

2. Sipping Grey Goose Martinis with Clive Owen in the secret Bay St. Station

3. Thinking we are heading to Hugh Hefner after party and instead finding ourselves privy to a giant orgy at Wicked. Sorry guys – a little too x-rated to dish about. Let’s just say that what we stumbled onto was far more akin to the carnal happenings at the mansion then the blonde bimbo bop-around that was the actual after-party at Musik.

A slow Sunday at Sweaty’s whipped into quite the A-list frenzy.

Drew started serving beers from behind the bar while a pouty Ellen Page hid behind the jukebox.

This party was a true mix of grit and glam.

A glowing and pregnant Emily Mortimer with Director Terry Gilliam – the last to work with Heath Ledger

Keri Russell at The Leaves of Grass premiere, Ed Norton failed to do the red carpet.

Isabella Rossellini posing with anchovies at the ROM

We were almost more excited to see goats at the Men Who Stare At Goats after-party than George Clooney, weird?

Late night partying at The Drake

The Smiths Andy Rourke has everyone dancing at The Drake

Oh TIFF, what fun we’ve had!

4. Managing to infiltrate the InStyle party, despite pathetic and ridiculous tactics, and getting yelled at by security for stepping on the Duchess of York’s dress train

5. Playing with goats at a Bridal Path Mansion with Mena Suvari

6. Solving the George Clooney pasta mystery, did he or did he not eat lasagna at Jack Astor’s?

7. Talking with Perez Hilton about who the biggest douchebag in Hollywood is and why TIFF rocks the socks off of Cannes

8. Discovering that Bill Murray has poor washroom etiquette.

9. Receiving marital advice from Alice Cooper via Suck star Jessica Pare

10.Chit-chatting about dick with Isabella Rossellini

Not so great moments:

1. Missing 50 cent play the roof at Manulife Centre ’cause we’re too busy choosing a sandwich at Rabba Fine Foods

2. Not getting the memo that Bono and Colin Farrell were whooping it up at Atelier – big booo.

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For those who still have the energy to party this weekend, this is where it’s at. Here’s a tip – hit up the Drake for 4AM last call…oh yeah, it’s still happening.


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