Overnight Secret Fort Party: March 13th

by Annie Webber

Forts forts forts forts forts forts forts. This is what runs through my mind on any given day. Rainy day? I want to go home and build a fort for some serious soup and snuggling. Sunny day? I want to haul all my bedsheets out into the backyard and take up residence in my mini pool. Middle of the week? No big deal, I don’t need to see the assignments on my desk. Weekend? Perfect, now I can literally just fall over once I get in the door and I’ll be in bed.

Case in point: forts are fun and functional for all. And whether your friends feel the same or you’re a lone ranger in the world of drooping blankets and twinkle lights, if you love forts, you will. not. want. to. miss. this.

Here’s the deal. Purchase your advance ticket for $15, book off your 11pm-6am time slot on Saturday, March 13th, and wait for your email telling you the location. You will then make your way from your Saturday evening haunt, wherever it may be, to the soft forts assembled in 2000 square feet. If that isn’t enough to get your motor runnin’, there will also be midnight snacks in the kitchen fort! Fort-goers are encouraged to bring their teddies and sport their jammies.

Oh, and guess what? While you’re moshing, noshing and just generally keeping it real in your fortly sanctuary, you’ll be doing a little good. All proceeds support Newmindspace’s free, fun, all-ages events in 2010.


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