Whether it’s your crowning glory or an uphill battle, chances are your hair is a very important part of your identity. For many Black Canadians especially, hair carries a very strong connection to culture and history and tells an important story all on its own.

From a marker of individual status, to the policing of Black hair, Parting The Roots traces the story of Black history from Africa through slavery to present day. “What I hope to achieve with Parting The Roots is tolerance and an understanding of our story,” says curator Simone Wright. “What I want from individuals, both Black and non-Black, is for them to gain an understanding of the journey that our ancestors have gone through. I want this to be an opportunity to continue the conversation about Black hair and to understand the importance and significance behind it.”

Parting The Roots will open on January 29 at Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives (34 Isabella St). Get tickets here.