You think you are cold? Pfffft. Our intern Lindsey, from Winnipeg, shares tips on how to party in minus 30 degrees weather, adapt these tips for your minus 10 degrees.

Befriend those who drive
You want to be nice to anyone who has a car, or who knows someone who has a car, or just anyone who has their driver’s license. I do understand that you guys have an up to date subway system but a warm car ride is always nicer than any alternative.

Bring your own furry scarf/cushion/device 
Having a seat warmer at hand is extremely useful during the winter months. If you’re stuck sitting at a bus stop, sitting on the side of the road waiting for a cab, or sitting in a car with frozen leather seats you can fold the scarf into a booster seat; bolstering your ass from the pavement/cold surface.

Invest in thermal undies/something extra to protect your legs
Legs and feet seem to be the scapegoat for cold.  I suggest buying a classic pair of thermals like your kid brother sports in the winter, or a pair of skin tight biking pants to double up under any pants.

Continuation from above, pants are sexy
Mini skirts do not work in Winnipeg. I urge you to embrace high waisted pants for extra warmth. As a gust of wind travels up your coat and then up your blouse it won’t even reach bare skin until about your armpits. Bonus,  your armpits are one of the warmest places on your body. 

Travel in groups 
Have you ever seen March of the Penguins? Those penguins were copying us girls from Winnipeg. Huddle up when outside.

Liquor thermos
Can we admit that we all toss some booze into a plastic water bottle to drink en route to wherever we are headed? Drop the freezing cold plastic water bottles and replace it with a warm to the touch thermos.

Only party at places that have hot tubs
Sure hot tubs can be trashy, and most of the time are uncalled for but once you slap on a beaver trimmed toque it’s fair game. They really are the best way to warm up.

When all else fails stay home, put some Baileys in your hot chocolate and be warm.

~ Lindsey Peterson