Ding-dong! Everyone likes a doorbell, including Paul Giamatti and Scott Speedman. The party at Amber was not enough to quench the thirst of the two Barney’s Version actors, who continued quite the bender into the wee hours at Richmond Street’s Goodnight. Maybe it’s the appeal of a graffitied alley or the windowless mystique, but Goodnight was thumping late into the night throughout TIFF. Last year, the drinking hole hotspot was Sweaty Betty’s, where we followed Drew Barrymore, Ellen Page and Justin Long for jukebox revelry and DIY bartending. Although Long returned this year, the winner for the official unofficial TIFF destination for 2010 OFFICIALLY goes to Goodnight. Who else rat-ta-tat-tatted on the alley door? Harvey Weinstein, Hayden Christensen, basketball all-star Steve Nash and Generation X man Douglas Coupland. Although Giamatti is best known for his role as the wine lush in Sideways, whose appreciation for Pinot Noire results in rolling down vineyards, National Post’s Shinan Govani confirmed that the actor’s palette prefers the hard stuff when he tweeted this: “No wine for me, just said Paul Giammati, Mr. Sideways, at Amber, apres-hours. ‘I’m a vodka guy.'”