Peanut Butter Brunch at Quinta and The Sister? Yes Please!

Peanut Butter has always been a key breakfast food for a lot of people, but now, Kraft is taking it to the next level: they’re bringing peanut butter brunch to some of you favorite local spots.

Kraft is launching four new flavours that sound delicious: Banana Granola, Honey, Cinnamon Raisin and Cranberry Peanut. To celebrate, they’re bringing peanut buttery brunch creations to Quinta on Dundas West and The Sister on Queen. 

 On Thursday, May 2nd and Friday, May 3rd you can enjoy the unique experience at Quinta (1282 Dundas St. W.). There will be a free peanut butter tasting along with exclusive peanut butter creations by renowned chef, Leor Zimerman.

 If you can’t make it during the week you have another opportunity on the weekend. On Saturday, May 4th and Sunday, May 5th, you can enjoy a tasting and eat The Sister’s (1554 Queen St. W.) pancakes paired with the new peanut butter flavours.

So if your normal PB & J routine needs a little something-something, check it out and maybe you’ll fall in love with the delicious breakfast spread all over again.

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