Peoples Jewellers x Penguins x Miku Japanese Restaurant: UM HI HELLO, COULD YOU HAVE IMAGINED THIS TORONTO LOVE TRIANGLE? Perhaps you’re wondering, Why? How? Whaaaat? Sit back and let us tell you a holiday romance tale that will surely inspire:

Once upon a time, there were two penguins in the zoo, and the lady penguin asked her handsome mate to surprise her with a holiday gift only for her, something truly special. He spent days swimming and waddling, thinking of the perfect gift, and it came to him like a dream: a sushi necklace! Okay, we lie, that’s not how it began, but it’s still a local fairytale-like story if we ever heard one! 

After seeing a post by The Toronto Zoo on Monday about Ellie and Chupa, two endangered African penguins, Peoples Jewellers was inspired to craft a one-of-a-kind gift for them. Working closely with sushi chef Kazuki Uchigoshi of Miku Restaurant and the Toronto Zoo’s nutritionist, Peoples designed a beautiful (and delicious) necklace made from mackerel, squid and various crustaceans (apparently a dream meal for any penguin around). Peoples delivered the bespoke necklace to the Zoo, and while we cannot confirm whether he helped place it on her neck or if they shared the divine dish together, but we do know that it was a very special moment for both all involved. Watch the video now

Here’s to a holiday season where your loved one receives a gift like this one. (Maybe go for the glittery rock over raw fish though. Or not – to each their own!) 

Peoples Jewellers will be making a donation to the Toronto Zoo African Penguin Program to help protect penguins in the future. Love like Chupa’s and Ellie’s should last forever. This post was generously sponsored by Peoples Jewellers but the thoughts and opinions are our own.