Do you have a favourite story you tell at dinner parties about the series of unusual events that brought you and your partner together? Chance encounters, moments that seem a little too serendipitous to be cast as weird luck? Constellations is a play that explores the universal science behind string theory and how humans find each other. It will BLOW YOUR MIND and have you retracing steps in your own relationship.

Directed by award-winning visionary Peter Hinton and starring the phenomenal Cara Ricketts (The Book of Negroes) and Graham Cuthbertson as star-crossed lovers, Constellations will spin you through a fascinating love story.

Choice and destiny collide in British theatre luminary Nick Payne’s startlingly original play about the infinite possibilities of love (and the quantum multiverse). A man and a woman’s chance encounter sets off a singular chain of events where each path they might take shapes an entirely different future. Their sweeping and spellbinding romantic journey will defy the boundaries of the world we think we know.

The New Yorker praised Nick Payne’s quantum love story as a “singular astonishment,” and Variety billed the New York production a “romantic bombshell.” We think it’s the best date night to be found in Toronto this November. Because when was the last night you had a date night? No, but like a REAL DATE NIGHT. The kind where you have a set plan, put on lipstick, and actually spend quality time with your loved one, not with your phone or your gaggle of friends, but with your true love?

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A Canadian Stage and Centaur Theatre Company Production
On stage November 8-27
Bluma Appel Theatre, Toronto
(Regular evening show A seating $99 / B seating $69; Offer not applicable to opening night November 10 performance or Zone C tickets).