While many people still try to slot sexuality into files, humans cannot be easily categorized. We’re not baked like a cake with ingredients; our DNA is more complex than that, as are our desires. They cannot be measured on a Kinsey scale. Sexuality isn’t finite, but galactic, expansive, ever-changing, fluid. So why do we always feel dumped in one bucket, or assigned a letter? Phile is a new biannual magazine with a mission to change that.

In a press release announcing the launch of the inaugural issue, co-editors Erin Reznick and Mike Feswick describe Phile as a magazine that will “encourage a more empathetic understanding towards those who live outside of normative societal structures.”

With contributors hailing from Toronto, Berlin, and New York City, the team will set out to investigate sexual subcultures, trends and practices from a sociological point of view, to further understand how members of sexual communities create space to explore their truest impulses.

Public are welcome to attend the launch party on July 14th at Club 120 (120 Church Street). Get excited for a hot line up including Valeroo, Marilyn Mansion and Buzz Buzz. Discover a variety of underground sexual fetishes, and allow your inner desires to move, breathe, and be heard.

Photo pictured above is a sneak peek of Bruce LaBruce “The Misandrists” from Phile Issue One.

Phile Magazine Launch
Friday, July 14 11pm – 3am
Club 120
120 Church Street