Last Saturday, we filled the Gladstone with gorgeous girls in denim vests, dudes with rockstar hair, and…people in Alice and Wonderland costumes? It was one of those nights.

She Does The City hosted Stay Golden: A Canadian Tuxedo Classic Rock Dance Party, with DJ Steve Rock playing the best sexy, sweaty dance tunes. We remember a lot of hair tossing, and a lot of throwing ourselves around the dancefloor. We remember partygoers watching the Outsiders, and trying to pose like Ponyboy. We remember a packed bar, and boss-lady McNeely threatening us with a switchblade that turned out to be a ducktail comb. Annie gave temporary tattoos to the crowd at large, and the dance floor was a crazy mass of people losing it to their favourite classic rock jams. We had a great time dancing with all of you! Stay gold, Ponybabes.

~ Haley Cullingham

Photos by Becca Lemire (Click to Enlarge)