Picking a location for a fashion show is always a bit of a headache but there are some places in the city that are literally screaming to host a show dedicated to style. This past weekend a runway show was held at the ingenious location of the Bata Shoe Museum, a place that I’m surprised doesn’t get taken advantage of more often!

While we waited for the show to start (a chunk of time that’s usually boring) we were free to explore the museum and wander around looking at shoes from centuries ago.  For someone who is an admitted shoe addict, getting to look and learn about shoes from all over the world and all through civilization was amazing. And then to cap it off with a fashion show? The perfect night in my books!

The fashion show itself was a sneak peek at Spring 2011 looks from great brands like Bench, amazing designers like Michael Kors (a favourite of mine) and the sexy Canadian label Pink Tartan. At a time when the temperatures are getting warmer but fashion shows are debuting fall looks, it was great to see looks that get us amped for the warmer summer months and that will actually be available by the time those months come!

Nautical stripes paired with capris, strapless dresses in warm earth tones, sheer tops perfect for the beach, leather shorts, flowered dresses….everything to warm up our chilly hearts and get us excited for a fashionable summer ahead! But it wasn’t only us ladies who were getting our fashion fix! Men’s styles were shown as well and while they weren’t as revealing (when are they ever?) they were still things that I’d like to order for my man. Trench coats, bow ties, jean capris….swoon.

The one thing about the space that probably wasn’t ideal was the two (TWO!) staircases that the models had to descend and then climb. I have to give credit where its due and none of the models faltered on those mountainous staircases. Total pros.

The show was put on with proceeds going to the June Callwood Centre, an organization that dedicates their time and effort to help young pregnant teenagers. A centre that will soon be celebrating its 30th birthday, the June Callwood Centre provide a nurturing environment to help young mothers learn parenting skills so they and their babies can flourish and grow in a spectacular fashion.

~ Bianca Texeira