Kimberly Newport-Mimran has freed Pink Tartan from the shackles of the department store, dignifying it with the Yorkville flagship it deserves. Opening this Saturday, Seventy Seven is more than just a shiny uptown boutique with a few expensive (yet painfully desirable) pieces. Instead, Mrs. Newport has arranged that Pink Tartan has plenty of friends to play with – like neon notebooks, Japanese tea canisters and charcoal toothbrushes. (Fun fact, charcoal toothbrushes are far more sanitary than their drugstore counterparts. You learn something new everyday.)

The historic building is one of the few heritage houses still in tact from well before Yorkville’s hippie heyday. The 2,500 square foot, bi-level shop dates back to 1926. It was originally an antique shop but now it offers a luxury lifestyle as envisioned by Mrs. Newport. “The lifestyle is my idea of products you’d want,” she said during another one of my one-question interviews, which subsequently led to a delightful Kim-guided tour of the shop. “I think the way women shop today, they want to come in and get pleasantly surprised” – enter $9 charcoal toothbrushes, one of her favourite items – “and find things they relate to.” Indeed, this will be the place to be come spring to get those marvelous hats from the Pink Tartan runway. But for the time being, a foot-long candle in the shape of a deer’s leg and the cashmere cool of her fall line will do just fine.