Our Pinterest picks are excellent barometers for how we aspire to live, work, play, dress and decorate. Each year, Pinterest mines through all of our data to come up with the Pinterest 100: The Top Trends that defined 2019, which will most likely be carrying us well into 2020. First, Pinterest compared global search volumes from August 2017-July 2018 to August 2018-July 2019. Then, they identified 100 topics with significant search volumes and consistent, upward growth that they grouped into the ten cultural shifts.

Here are a few we’ve definitely noticed:

Beyond Binary: From unisex kid clothes and nurseries to androgynous wedding wear, people are looking for more gender-neutral options. This is a welcome push towards more acceptance, regardless of where you identify.

Conscious Consumption: We have been alerted to how mindless consumption drives both human misery and environmental degradation. In response, we are leaning towards more conscious consumption, with sustainability and reducing waste at top-of-mind. From low-waste living to thrifted home decor, we know that change starts at home. 

Finding Balance: From social media detoxes to art therapy, we are seeking out ways to unwind, de-stress and re-calibrate. More posi vibes all around for 2020!

Home Hub: Thanks to e-commuting and the gig economy, more of us are making our offices at home. And our gyms. And our spas. And our theatres. (Ps. we’re totally envious of these killer home coffee stations).

90s rerun: 90s culture is back in a huge way, with Rugrats & Simpsons nostalgia, the return of Grunge, and hip hop party inspo.  Whether you’re reliving your glory days or discovering the 90s for the first time, this trend isn’t going away any time soon. 

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