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Pioneering Women’s Knowledge is Power Event with CBC’s Amanda Lang

It’s no secret that here at SDTC we really value female empowerment, and jump at pretty much every chance to support successful and confident women. Needless to say, we were thrilled to be a sponsor for Pioneering Women‘s event Knowledge is Power.

The evening, which took place last Thursday, April 4, was a huge success. Once everyone was seated at the Scotiabank Theatre with their free popcorn and drink, CBC’s Amanda Lang was introduced. The Lang & O’Leary Exchange co-host recently released a book called The Power of Why, which explores the ways in which we can further enrich our lives through innovation and asking questions—so we were all very excited to hear her speak.

Lang spoke about her discoveries while researching her book, explaining how each and every one of us has the ability to create something amazing. She emphasized the importance of letting children ask questions, because it is through curiosity that we grow and discover. Lang is an incredible public speaker, commanding attention with her presence. She is both professional and relaxed, knowing exactly when to relay the hard facts and when to crack the jokes. When she finished, The Globe and Mail‘s Leah Eichler asked Lang some questions, and then the floor was opened up to the audience. Lang’s answers were thoughtful and poignant, demonstrating the depth of her knowledge and expertise.

Following the Q&A, guests were treated to wine, Grand Marnier cocktails, and tasty snacks from Loblaws catering like deep fried rice balls, sushi, sandwiches, and smoked salmon on potato pancakes. Everyone mingled and munched, taking turns talking to Lang and getting her to autograph their free copies of The Power of Why.

So read Lang’s book for inspiration, and then start asking questions! See what’s out there for you to invent or discover. I mean, why not?

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