Pirouette your way to The Design Exchange! The Tutu Project and 60 Years of Designing the Ballet runs until Sept 2

If you were going to design a tutu, what would it look like?

From now until Sept 2nd, you are invited into the lobby of The Design Exchange to check out The Tutu Project, which showcases 60 tutus as envisioned and created by some of Canada’s top artistic talent, including fashion designers David Dixon and Juma, jewelery designer Shay Lowe, artist Julie Moon and more. Beyond notable individuals, Toronto Pride, Toronto Fashion Week and other organizations also have tutus on display. The Tutu Project can be viewed at no cost and acts as a supporting exhibition to 60 Years of Designing the Ballet: A must see for fashion and ballet lovers alike.

The main exhibition will take you on a walk back through time as it highlights the costumes, set design and overall art direction from a variety of outstanding performances since The National Ballet of Canada’s inception in 1952. Without a doubt, you will be completely inspired and we won’t be surprised if you go home and start ripping apart your closet to create your very own DIY tutu. Please crank up Tchaikovsky before pulling out your glue gun.

Wouldn’t a Saturday at The Design Exchange be the perfect date for you and your mom? We think so.

Last Tuesday marked the launch of this major exhibition and we were there to snap smiling guests in dazzling outfits and join the celebration of this magnificent anniversary.

Ahhhhhh yessssss, it’s time to fall in love with ballet all over again!!

More info at dx.org

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