Pop 5: Mad Men and Game of Thrones return, previously unreleased Kurt Vonnegut, Bill Murray and more

Your weekly round up of cultural nuggets that make Monday okay.

1. Compost can be delicious! Make satsuma seasoning or potato-skin chips, via The Kitchn.

2 .GZA, RZA and Bill Murray kick it, and that makes us glad.

3. You can buy a previously unreleased Kurt Vonnegut novella as a Kindle Single for $1.99!

4. Mad Men Is back. Celebrate with these cute, boozy illustrations by Nobody’s Sweetheart.

5. Game of Thrones is back on Sunday, April 1st, and there’s a new 22 minute teaser to get you excited. Also, if you don’t have time to watch Season One before the weekend (WHERE ARE YOUR PRIORITIES?), this is a pretty solid Cole’s Notes.

~ Haley Cullingham, image from Nobody’s Sweetheart

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