Your weekly round up of cultural nuggets that make Monday okay.

1. Compost can be delicious! Make satsuma seasoning or potato-skin chips, via The Kitchn.

2 .GZA, RZA and Bill Murray kick it, and that makes us glad.

3. You can buy a previously unreleased Kurt Vonnegut novella as a Kindle Single for $1.99!

4. Mad Men Is back. Celebrate with these cute, boozy illustrations by Nobody’s Sweetheart.

5. Game of Thrones is back on Sunday, April 1st, and there’s a new 22 minute teaser to get you excited. Also, if you don’t have time to watch Season One before the weekend (WHERE ARE YOUR PRIORITIES?), this is a pretty solid Cole’s Notes.

~ Haley Cullingham, image from Nobody’s Sweetheart