Pre-Halloween-Weirdo-Party: Skrillex Takes Over Metropolis on October 14

While sitting on the grass with friends at the Ottawa Bluesfest this past July, I remember remarking that something huge was happening at the main stage adjacent to us. A massive crowd had accumulated and electronic beats were blasting and there were enormous transparent beach balls flying everywhere and crowd-surfing pre-teens. And it was like, 3pm. Upon checking the schedule, we noted that the act was someone/something named Skrillex. Who?

Fast forward to three weeks ago, when a friend posted this music video on Google Plus (eat it, Facebook!) Suddenly desperate and in love with whoever was behind this music and this incredibly disturbing video concept, I searched YouTube, starving for more – and I found this video, which wonderfully showcases the man behind the music.

What’s more, I discovered that Sonny Moore (aka Skrillex) – a man/DJ/producer from Los Angeles – is bringing his giant Mothership Tour to Montreal’s Metropolis on Friday, October 14; I simply couldn’t miss it and make the same mistake twice. And well, you just shouldn’t even be making this mistake in the first place. Go!

Tickets are sold-out through the Ticket Master website (around $30), but several third-party sites and Craigslist vendors still have tickets available. As well, there’s a chance Metropolis will release a few more tickets before the day of the show itself. I imagine this will be a perfect pre-Halloween freaky-deaky dance party.

8pm @ Metropolis, 59 St-Catherine East.

~ Tyler Yank

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