Mark the 30th of June with a sparkly pink sticker, because you’re not going to want to miss Steers and Queers Night of 1000 Dollys, happening at the Gladstone Hotel.

Join Reverend Fluffy Soufflé for a night of fellowship and fornication! Dance along to your favourite Dolly Parton hits and other deep country classics with DJs Katie Richie, Joe Blow, Some Random Tall Guy and Sigourney Beaver. But it’s not just dancing! Sing praise with the world’s best/only queer Dolly choir, The Tennessee Mountain Homos. This is truly a night of our dreams.

And it keeps getting better…

Be pulled into Dolly’s warm bosom with drag and burlesque by Beardonce, Dolly Berlin, Cherry Piqued and Manchyna. Dress to the 9-5’s like Dolly herself (alternate dress code option: Burt Reynolds Realness). Plus, there will be a Dolly look-a-like contest! Fun fact: Dolly allegedly has a full sleeve of tattoos on each arm, which is why pictures of her without long sleeves are incredibly rare. I dare you to find a recent one in which she isn’t covered up.

Tickets are $12 advance and $15 at the door. Best to get advance and put those three dollars towards half a drink. YEEEHAWWW!