PUZZLE PARTY. Puzzled Pint runs the second Tuesday of every month simultaneously in fifteen other cities including Portland, London, Boston, and San Francisco. March 10th will be the first time it’s been held in Toronto.

Check out their website, Puzzled Pint , to find out your destination via a “location puzzle.” You solve it to find out the secret pub where Puzzled Pint will be held. Then you show up alone or with friends, and you’re given 4-5 more pen-and-paper puzzles to complete. The puzzles include word games, codebreaking – that type of thing. Drop in, hang out, do some puzzles.

The event is free and open to everyone. It’s non-competitive, and organizers are on-hand to help people out with hints. They also track team stats on an online leaderboard, for the competitive among you.

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