With an upcoming cameo in the X-Men flick, a recurring role on Revenge and a slew of film projects in the works – it’s safe to say Karine Vanasse is having a pretty great year! We recently got a chance to chat with the French Canadian actor about her career, and what it was like making All The Wrong Reasons, which comes out on DVD/iTunes on June 24th. You can check out our review of the film HERE.

SDTC: What was your first job that felt like a “real break” and how did you get it?

KV: When I was offered my first lead role in a film. It was Lea Pool’s Emporte-moi (Set Me Free). I was thirteen and it was my first major audition! It was in that audition room that I felt for the first time what acting really was.  I was such on an emotional high when I left.

SDTC: Do you have any advice for aspiring actresses? Or young women looking to make a creative dream of theirs a reality in a difficult field?

KV: Early on, learn to… well not compromise your initial dream.  I think that it is easy to lose touch with the reasons for pursuing a career in a creative field.  Keep reminding yourself why you wanted to do it the first place.  Surround yourself with people who are aspiring to the same dream. You’ll inspire each other.

SDTC: Can you tell us a bit about your experiences working on All the Wrong Reasons? What was your favourite part of making the film?

KV: I love being on a movie set and bringing a director’s vision to life. Gia Milani worked tirelessly to get this film off the ground and I wanted to make sure she was receiving through my work what she wanted for my character, Kate.

SDTC: What were the challenges?

KV: The intention is for viewers to go from compassion to judgment towards each character : “Oh I feel for her/him” or “No, now she/he goes to far!” and then again, “I wish she/he could be helped.”

I had to keep reminding myself that I didn’t have to work for the sympathy of the viewers, it was part of the experience for them to go from one emotion to the other towards these four people. This was different from how I was used to working.

SDTC: The most important thing you learned during the process was…….

KV: It was so interesting and fascinating to be inside the head of a person with PTSD. Although, to a certain degree we all experience it on different levels. That feeling of being stuck in an emotional state we have a hard time letting go of.

SDTC: What’s next for you? Any exciting projects lined up that you can share with us?

KV: I am going back to Los Angeles in July to shoot the 4th season of REVENGE. My first language being French, I used to say for the previous season that “I was going to LA for REVENGE.” Not exactly the same meaning!

Watch the trailer for All The Wrong Reasons HERE!


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