Finally, the city is starting to see some cool, sober party nights popping up. We’re all about this.

As a woman who not only has been in recovery for seven years but also knows hundreds of women who want to dance and socialize but don’t feel comfortable in traditional bar settings, the upcoming Queer & Sober Mocktail Mixer at Glad Day Bookstore offers a beacon of hope (and fun) in a land filled with tall cans and vodka shots. Just ‘cuz we don’t drink doesn’t mean we want to sit at home every Friday night!

Fatima Mechtab and Natalie Zielinski are both gay-identified women who saw a need in the Toronto queer scene for events that sober folks (or those looking for alternatives to the bar scene) could attend. “I myself am a recovering addict/alcoholic who is one year and two months sober. We felt this event would cover an important niche in our community,” says Mechtab.

With music by DJ Chicklet and organized icebreakers, games and prizes, we’re already penning April 6th in our calendars as a very important date.

Check the FB page here.