Fake Prom, which is basically Real Prom without all the annoying chaperones and school, is going back in time to the 1940s, asking you to smack your bright red lips, tip your sharpest fedora, and party, Greatest Generation-style. It all goes down August 26th at the Palais Royale, and we’ve already started planning our outfit.

Tickets (ahem…War Bonds) are just $17. Tweet propaganda to be eligible for door prizes, request Victory Songs for the evening, download printable war medals or even sign up for a hot date! (Dance cards are sooo fly.)

Try to grab your ticket online before August 10th, when they go up to $20. You can also pick one up at Soundscapes (572 College St.), Rotate This! (801 Queen St. W.), and Exile Vintage (20 Kensington Ave.), where they’re $17 forever.

Let’s bring ’em home!