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RALPH’s “Gravity” Is Your New Summer Anthem

Toronto-born RALPH just dropped her latest banger, “Gravity,” and we’re loving the vid (animated by Black Power Barbie).

This comes off the heels of a cross-Canada tour with Scott Helman and the release of her full-length debut album, A Good Girl. RALPH melds classic glittering synths and disco with heavy beats and a sprinkle of sultry R&B. We guarantee you’ll keep her in heavy rotation all summer long.

We caught up with her this week.

SDTC: Describe your dream vacation/getaway scenario.

RALPH: I’ve been obsessed with Costa Rica since I was fourteen. I’ve been eight times, it’s so magical. The moment I get off the plane and smell the familiar diesel and sugar cane smell, my stress truly melts away. I just recently found out it’s known for being an “energy vortex,” which makes a lot of sense to me.

Who is commanding a lot of attention in your life lately?

I’ve fallen in love with Marc Gasol and I can’t stop Googling photos of him as an awkward seven-foot teen.

What have you learned about yourself in the past year?

That it’s okay to ask your friends and family for advice, but essentially you always know best. I’m really indecisive, but I’m getting better at reminding myself that my gut instinct is strong and I need to trust myself more.

What is a fun little-known fact about you?

When I was a kid and I did something bad, I was scared Santa would see and not give me any presents at Christmas, so I would kiss the air and say, “Sorry Santa” very earnestly. Santa basically ruled my life from age 3-6.

What show have you connected with recently, and what about it appeals to you?

I like the show Easy on Netflix. It’s anthology-style episodes and explores relationships and culture. I’m perpetually fascinated by the topic of relationships and shifting societal norms regarding love and commitment and sex.

What’s the worst piece of advice you’ve been given?

“Don’t get your hopes up.” What a discouraging way to live! Get your hopes up, work your fuckin’ hardest, be realistic, but if you don’t have high hopes and expectations, you won’t get anything done. That’s what I think.

What is your motto at the moment?

Sleep on it. My motto always.

Any plans for the summer?

I recently decided to go to Italy in August with two of my best friends. I have some down time and Toronto might be cold all summer so fuck it, I’m gonna go lie on a beach and practice my Italian.

What are the qualities you like least and most about your parents?

Jesus, that’s a real question. I love that my parents are generous in spirit and supportive, no matter what. I can literally rely on them for anything and everything. But…my dad has a tendency to interrupt and I’ve hated it since I was a kid, and my mum always worries about me and it stresses me out! (I think that’s just how mothering works, but still, stop asking me if I’ve made my dentist appointment yet! No, I haven’t!)

Rewind five years. What advice would you give yourself?

Be more adventurous, and be less worried about getting into trouble.

What is the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?

I jumped off a 45-foot cliff in Italy with my brother to prove a point that I was just as spontaneous as him. I have a fear of heights and hated every moment of it. But I made my point.

What childhood memory makes you laugh out loud?

My older brother is an actor and he’s very good, very convincing. He used to do this thing when we were younger where he would transform into a velociraptor and run after us. I know it sounds insane because obviously he’s not a dinosaur, but he would 100% commit to the role and it was genuinely terrifying. I remember being so annoyed but also so terrified. I’m still mad about it, but it’s pretty fuckin’ funny.

What unnecessary object would you love to own?

I would love to own a really beautiful wood chair, Danish design. Probably very uncomfortable to sit in, but damn it would look good in my living room. I love Scandinavian minimalism; living in Copenhagen had a lasting impression.

What tip has made your life better in the past year?

I’m trying to be more real with people about managing expectations of me. I’m a Libra, so I’m always trying to balance and please everyone. But with what I do, I’m often away or tired or trying to stay in to stay healthy. Instead of telling people, “Yes, I will be there 100%” about a date or event, I say, “I’ll let you know closer to the day” so that I feel less pressured and they’re less disappointed.

What issue do you wish people took more seriously?

There are so many important things to be talking about and working on changing, but something that has always been close to my heart is abolishing the word “retard.” I hate it, I think it’s hateful and hurtful and outdated.

What outfit makes you feel the most you?

A crop top and high-waist pants, with fitted waist and wide leg. A great sneaker or maybe a big platform.

Who has surprised you lately, and how?

I surprised myself with taking a scary emotional risk. I hate confrontation, but I’m slowly getting better at it.

When you look back on your life, are you at where you thought you’d be by now? Why or why not?

I just found a thing from Grade 4 that I wrote. Apparently I wanted to be an actor or a SUPERSTAR. So I guess? Yes? Kinda? I always wanted to perform and play dress-up, so yeah, I think I’m living the childhood dream! I didn’t marry Nick from the Backstreet Boys though.

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