Kool Krys, or Christina Stefanski, defies stereotypes of what you think of when you think of a rapper. By day, this woman hustles tablets as a PR specialist for Sony Canada. By night, she gets her hair did and takes to the mic to pump out badass rhymes that will get you shakin’ on the dancefloor. You go Krys! Sometimes we like to rap too. (When we’ve had a few. And it’s not pretty.)

We asked Kool Krys for her holiday wish list because we figured it would be loud and colourful just like this video. We were right! Put some sunglasses on before you view this assortment of super fun prezzies.

1. Polish for painting the Nails in Transit

Being on the run from my office job to the stage, I often paint my nails while in transit. It’s much easier to apply nail art stickers than to paint my nails while the subway or streetcar is moving… Sephora’s OPI Chic Prints for Nails are my top choice because they have a variety of wild animal prints that are easy to apply.

2. Custom kicks for the trendsetter

Proper Reserve resident artist Jimmy Chiale’s vivid canvases are a mash-up of emotional symbols and representations. His works are an immediate reaction to his environment and daily life – trekking around the city wearing Jimmy’s art as sneakers would be very cool.

3. Fly feathers & accessories

I love rocking original feather pieces and jewellery… two of my favourite designers are Canada’s MAFIA Jewellery and Pica Jewellery (see Krys’s rad hair extension in pic on left) Every time I visit my hometown Ottawa, I pick up a new eye-catcher from these talented craftswomen from NORML Clothing at the heart of Canada’s Capital City.

4. A girl needs her jams

My fave record store in Toronto is Cosmos Records on Queen St. W. Every inch of the place is filled with vinyl records but somehow the dudes running the store know exactly where to find what you need. Everything from soul to hip hop, Cosmos inspires the music lover and maker.

5. Keeping cool in Canada’s cold

A lady can never have enough hats, especially in Canada’s chilly winter. My first choice for the latest in hat fashions is Big It Up on Queen St W.

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