Have you heard of Byliner? It’s a must-visit for lit fans. The online publisher focuses on internet-friendly pieces: works designed to be consumed in one sitting, whether you need to reinvigorate your brain on your lunch break, make your commute one of the best parts of your day, or curl up with your iPad, a latte, and a compelling read. We think it makes a great Spring resolution to consume one of these stories, which range from 5,000 to 30, 000 words, a week. And who better to begin with than Margaret Atwood? You can read an excerpt of I’m Starved for You, a fictional tale of sexual obsession, on the site now, and then purchase the story for $2.99. “I said on my Twitter that deception is involved,” Atwood says. “Also chickens.” 

Other great reads on Byliner? Rules for Virgins, a tale of a master courtesan, by Joy Luck Club author Amy Tan. One of the best features of the site allows you to follow your favourite authors, and read older pieces you may have missed, like this 2007 New Yorker story by Junot Diaz. They also use your favourite authors to help recommend reads you might enjoy, or you can check out Byliner Recommends, which aggregates articles by subject, like Arts, Politics, Science and Travel. That’s some good required reading.

~ Haley Cullingham