This week’s episode firmly took Roxy and Kara’s relationship from frenemy territory to full-on feud. There is some real Hatfields and McCoys-type drama going on for our six from the 6ix right now.

Things got real when Roxy’s aesthetician made a house call to replace her eyelash extensions. Because apparently aesthetician/client confidentiality isn’t as serious a thing as doctor/patient confidentiality, she felt at liberty to inform Roxy that Kara had been trash-talking Joan during their appointments. I’m no expert, but is this sort of indiscretion really part of a sound business model?

Roxy, who needs half a reason to attack Kara, strategically decided to use the intelligence gathered from her latest beauty treatment to her advantage. She of course told Ann everything, and obviously intends to tell all the other ladies at some point. The series just has to drag out the process of doing so, because if conflicts were resolved smoothly and efficiently, what would the show’s plot be? I’m not here to watch ladies with $90 manicures hang out harmoniously.

For her part, Kara threw what looked to be a fabulous trunk show at her home, where Mikael D showed up to sell his blinged-out gowns. My favourite one was a pink number that looked like it belonged to the Malibu Barbie my aunt gave me for my seventh birthday. The party also featured champagne and adult loot bags, so it looked like a good time. Even Roxy had to admit that her nemesis was a good hostess.

Now, Kara claimed the trunk show was some sort of fundraiser in aid of the AMBI Gala. I, however, remain unconvinced of this. After all, if you’re really trying to raise money for charity, would you only invite five women you’re not even really friends with? Are your sworn enemies the ones most likely to help you generate thousands of dollars for charity?

While she managed to produce an overall tasteful afternoon, Kara still managed to further alienate both Jana and Roxy. This is particularly impressive, because she was already on both women’s hit lists.

Kara alienated our single girl Jana by trying to sell her only the discounted ball gowns, because apparently not having a husband means you’re poor. She then offended Roxy by failing to ensure Mikael D brought clothes to fit her curves. As a result, it looked like both Roxy and Jana were ready to unleash their rage, which no doubt they will do before this season is over.

In addition to enjoying the awkward trunk show, I learned some invaluable lessons this episode. For example. watching Jana meet with her interior designer taught me that being rich is hard because you have to supervise someone else while they decorate your house. I also learned that while Ann doesn’t seem to like her husband, and refers to him as “narcissistic and self-centred,” she also loves him so much she decided to buy him a “man ring” made of diamonds and propose renewing their vows. Love is very complicated!

Anyway, stay tuned for next week, when I know for a fact that Roxy will find even more reasons for everyone to hate Kara. No, I don’t have insider information or anything; I just know Roxy smack talking Kara is as inevitable as the earth’s gravitational pull.