Walking outside, it can feel like George R. R. Martin’s predictions have finally come true: Winter is here, and it’s not leaving. That statement isn’t entirely true, of course, but this season has been a rough one. We all need a little reminder that, one day soon, we’ll be able to go outside with our extremities exposed and not fear losing them. Enter The Salty Pineapple Hut.

These beachy prints from Toronto artist Katherine Gaskin are like an instant punch of sunlight, or mainlining fresh passion-fruit juice. Looking at them, one can imagine sand in between one’s toes, the smell of the ocean, hair lifted by a soft tropical breeze instead of wrenched from beneath a hat by a polar gust that feels like it’s taking a layer of your skin with it.

Right now, the prints are available in two sets of three: Waikiki and  Kauai. Each set is $24.95. We imagine looking at these when you wake up in the morning will significantly improve your view.