On Friday Oct 14th, Andrew Richard Design Lofts on Adelaide East, will be transformed into the childhood birthday party of your dreams. Always the number one fundraiser for young women in this city, this year Rethink Boobyball has got a lot to celebrate: 10 years of helping young women with Cancer! And they know how to throw THE BEST, TITS OUT theme party. 

We’ve done the sailor thing, disco-d back in time to the 70s and now we are going to relive our most favourite birthday party. Do you remember being six years old, wearing a frilly party dress with white socks and patent black shoes, staring out the window waiting for your friends to arrive? Pink helium balloons were tied to your front door and mom had been busy all day making Rice Krispie squares and maraschino-cherry sandwiches? When your little friends arrived, you’d play games like Pin The Tail on the Donkey or Musical Chairs? OMG….it was the BEST! At the end of the party, each guest would leave with a loot bag full of penny candy, maybe a Sandy Lion sticker and weird figurines that were likely purchased from the Lil’ Party Shop? BAAHHH! We are back in time right now!! Boobyball 10 will bring all this magical nostalgia to life with a giant cake, confetti, bouncy castle and balloon animals. We. Can’t. Wait. 

Happy Birthday Rethink! We wish you another ten years full of groundbreaking work. And thank you constantly remind us that Cancer is a undiscriminating disease that can arrive when you are twenty-two or sixty-two. Feel your beautiful breasts ladies! Take good care of your health! Be grateful for what you have and help celebrate and support this amazing organization.

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P.S: We should probably mention that tickets are sold out. Soooo, if you are going, see you there and if not, maybe a friend of yours has an extra? Either way, this is a local charity that should be on your radar.