Revolutionary Road

by Lauren Solski
The idea of a movie changing my life may seem crazy, however, “If being crazy means living life as if it matters, then I don’t mind being completely insane.”

So says April Wheeler (Kate Winslet) in the Golden Globe winning Revolutionary Road; the film that rocked my world.

Revolutionary Road is based on the acclaimed novel by the late Richard Yates. The film stars on-screen power couple Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Directed by Winslet’s husband, Sam Mendes, the story follows the relationship of Frank and April Wheeler, who are living in 1950s suburbia. The movie pursues the couple as they battle relationship problems while trying to raise two children. Their differences and arguments lead them in a downward spiral sure to make every viewer recognize and address faults in their own relationship.

It has been thirteen years since DiCaprio and Winslet first made us long for perfect love, spreading their wings on the bow of Titanic. While their reunion in Revolutionary Road is the direct opposite of Titanic, their performances are equally outstanding.

“Nothing short of spectacular,” is how Winslet put DiCaprio’s performance in her Golden Globe acceptance speech.

“We’ve know each other for such a long period of time, and we really knew these boundaries that we could go to with each other,” DiCaprio said about his strong friendship with Winslet.

When Winslet appeared on screen, her head was tilted upward while smoking a cigarette. The vixen-look in her eyes screamed “I WILL be winning an award for this performance!”

My Revolutionary Road

“It takes backbone to live the life you want.” This powerful quote from April Wheeler hit me harder than a hammer. I always knew something was missing in my life, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. After seeing Revolutionary Road, I realized if I don’t change some major issues, I will be walking the same destructive path as the Wheelers.

This movie helped me understand what I want in life. Following the film, I couldn’t help but think, “What happened to my goals and dreams?” I took a moment to remember who I was before my boyfriend of four years stepped into my life. I’m not saying my boyfriend is the root of my problems; I love and appreciate him. What I’m saying is, once two people come together, they often forget what is important to them, and will put personal dreams aside for the sake of the expected happiness of two people together.

It took a movie to teach me this important lesson. I am now planning things for myself. Things I have always wanted to do, but constantly put aside. There are several things in life that are expected of me, but only few I can make an expectation. April Wheeler said, “No one forgets the truth, they just get better at lying.” If an expected ideal in life is something I don’t want, then isn’t it just a lie?

For now, I am slowly adapting to the idea of living life to its fullest. If you have not found this lesson, you should take a walk on Revolutionary Road and figure out what you want in life.


  1. Alison
    February 4, 2009

    I recently saw this movie as well and while not wanting to take the lessons you learned away from you, I have to almost totally disagree with this review.

    I found Revolutionary Road to be nothing new. If you want something revolutionary, check out Betty Friedan’s “The Feminine Mystique.” This is the book that clued everyone in to the whole desperate housewives, suburban-life-is-horribly-soul-sucking thing.

    I found Kate Winslet’s performance to be commendable, but Leonardo DiCaprio’s was less than stellar. You could practically see his brain thinking, “how can I act more like a 50s guy?”

    All in all I was less than impressed. I wish I had gone to see The Reader instead.

  2. Katie
    February 4, 2009

    I disagree Alison!

    I thought that Revolutionary Road was amazing! It opened my eyes to making changes in my life. It was well directed, well acted and beyond all life changing…for me at least.

    I think that although Leo is obviously not a 50’s kinda guy, he put on an believable performance. I am disappointed he has not been recognized as an Oscar Nominee.

    As for Miss Winslet, she blew my socks off. And she did so in the Reader as well. What a GREAT year for her!

    I think this review is very accurate…it matches with my feelings about the movie!

  3. Marian
    November 11, 2009

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  6. killer sudoku
    June 17, 2010

    I havent seen this one but seems like many enjoyed it

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