Honey was pretty much my go-to club. It’s right across the street from my house, you can always get in, and they’ll make me a wicked Harvey Wallbanger no matter how busy they are. I know it’s just a bar, but I was totally choked when I heard it was closing.

There are a ton of rumours going around without a lot of confirmation. We know it’s been sold, seemingly quickly and quietly. It came as a shock to everyone. No one knows exactly what will be done with it, but it seems like Honey, Lotus, and Lick are not in the new owner’s plans.

I went to Honey’s last night this Saturday, and there was a definite air of disbelief among the regular crowd. People were asking the staff what was happening and why, and seemed genuinely upset when told that this was it, as far as everyone knew.

The place had the kind of crowd I like: dancey and busy, but with enough room to really let loose. The bar was a slow mess, as it often was, but I suppose it needed to happen to create the full experience. And, of course, there was much drunkenness. The term “Honey drunk” doesn’t exist for naught.

With Honey, we also lose Ice Cream Social, at least for now. Last night there was a temporary farewell party at the Waldorf’s Tiki Bar. People flocked to the bar to celebrate one of Vancouver’s most original and longstanding nights. The DJs are resolutely searching for another venue, so hopefully the wait won’t be too long.

So Honey, a toast to you. Your willingness to host unique nights, your spectacularly inadequate bathrooms, your cheap cover and varied crowd, and the sloppy drunk you always inspired will be missed.

~Meghan Roberts