Rocky interviews Daisy about her spooning talent and MyPuppy.Ca

Daisy is a poodle who lives at Yonge and St. Clair. She loves walks to the reservoir that end in winding trails through the Rosedale Ravine. She’s very sweet but knows that MyPuppy.Ca could have helped her with some issues: namely, whining and being nervous to play with other dogs. She highly recommends that you sign up your wee puppy! Let’s see what Rocky asks this adorable uptown bitch.

Rocky: What are your favourite activities?
Daisy: When I’m with my mom I like to lick her tea cups when she’s done with them. It’s also totally the best when she whispers, “Squirrel” and points out the window. When I’m having alone time, my favourite hobby is gazing out of the family room window mournfully.

Rocky: Do you have a favourite toy?
Daisy: I regularly trick my mom into buying new toys by staring at the stuffed animals that sit in the window at the local pharmacy. Past favourites have included a dolphin and a long, thin fox. In a pinch, napkins and tissues are also fun.

Rocky: What are some things that you excel at?
Daisy: I’m really good at finding the best nook to snuggle into on somebody’s body, like behind the knees when they’re lying down.  So I guess spooning is my talent.

Rocky: What are things that you think you need to work on that you think MyPuppy.Ca could help with now?
Daisy: I’d like to reduce my separation anxiety. My mom gets really irritated when I whine incessantly as soon as she puts on a pair of shoes. I’d also like to increase my courage around certain dog breeds that alarm me: St. Bernards and Dobermans.

Rocky: Do you think if your mom had signed you up for MyPuppy.Ca when you were a pup, that it would have helped things?
Daisy: Yes, I would have liked to learn the word “down” and the importance of learning to love my crate. We gave up on the crate pretty quickly in my house, and that might explain a lot.

Rocky: Do you think other puppies could benefit from it, too?
Daisy: I keep tabs on the neighbourhood dogs when I visit the Rosehill Reservoir, and yes I believe many of them could benefit from this site. They need to learn that it’s not ok to jump up and see if people have cookies in their pockets.

Rocky: Daisy, in your opinion, what’s the best thing about being a dog?
Daisy: Free daily massages.

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