Rocky interviews his hound dog girlfriend Roxy about MyPuppy.CA

I’m really happy that my final interview for this special segment is with my hot hound dog girlfriend, Roxy.

She runs fast, snores loud, and downs her supper like a kid downs Halloween candy. Although I think she’s perfect, her parents don’t quite agree and wish that had been around to help them out with much needed puppy parenting pointers.

Rocky: What are your favourite pastimes/hobbies?

Roxy: I’m reeeally into sleeping. Most mornings, it’s quite difficult for my mom to rouse me from bed.

Rocky: Do you have a favourite toy?

Roxy: Does my little, nest-like doggie bed count? I love it. Any time we travel, my bed comes along and it makes me feel at home pretty much anywhere. Have I mentioned that sleep + me = happy Beagle?

Rocky: Roxy, what are some things that you excel at?

Roxy: Sniffing around for stuff, gosh. I’m a Beagle. My nose is my strong suit. When my dad silently opens a new package of cookies, even when I’m way upstairs, I’m by his feet in a flash. I’ve also been known to sniff out microscopic crumbs that have accidently been swept under the fridge or stove, resulting in heavy appliances being wedged out of place to satisfy my curious snout.

Rocky: We have all flaws, what thing do you maybe need to work on?

Roxy: My possessiveness. When I get a bone in my mouth, you’d better a) keep clear, and b) expect that it will be buried in the yard for safe keeping, which also means I’ll be covered in dirt.

Rocky: Do you think MyPuppy.CA would have helped you when you were young and just starting to learn things like training, manners and how to be social?

Roxy: Most definitely. I’m quite sure that my Beagle-with-bone-Tasmanian-Devilism could have been curbed early on. Plus, with my crazy appetite, it’s good to know that there are a number of foods that might harm me like chocolate, grapes, and raisins, just to name a few.

Rocky: Do you think other puppies could benefit?

Roxy: Of course! There’s lots of mischief-making that seems pretty darn cute when doggies are just wee pups but quickly become not-so-cute when dogs are grown. I think puppy parents could learn a lot of helpful stuff from the site.

Rocky: What’s the best thing about being a dog?

Roxy: Living without a care in the world. Oh, and settling in for my morning nap just as mom and dad tear off to a busy day at the office. Ha ha ha. Suckers!

Rocky: Final words to other dogs in Toronto?

Roxy: That fire hydrant out front is mine. I repeat, mine.

I’ve really loved interviewing so many cool dogs this past month. Mom, can I have another assignment? Puleazzze?? Or a cookie? Oh, and for goodness’ sake, check out MyPuppy.Ca!! Woof-woof-woof!!

XO Rocky

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